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Message from CEO, Linn Evans

We are focused on diversity at Black Hills Energy to ensure that employees from all backgrounds are successful, with a committed approach for groups that are underrepresented today. By doing so, we will fulfill our vision of creating a thriving workforce, which is best able to support our communities, our customers and our shareholders. We acknowledge and believe in the transformative power of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. By actively engaging different perspectives, we challenge and stretch our thinking which enriches the experiences of our employees and customers, while adding shareholder value.

Be the place where all talent thrives

At Black Hills Energy, we strive to create a workplace where similarities, differences, and complexities are valued. By harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion, we’re able to create a workplace where each employee can personally thrive while contributing to better business outcomes. When we engage employees and listen to unique perspectives, we all benefit.

Retain and develop top talent

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a vital part of our culture. They create community for underrepresented groups, foster belonging, and help us stay focused on how to best support employees across our company. We are proud of our women’s resource group, Aspire and our veteran and military resource group, VET and appreciate and value all of the great work they are doing in our company.